Rock Art

Aboriginal Rock Art is known throughout the art world and many experts and Art lovers agree Rock art truly has a beauty all its own! For Aboriginal people the rock art is a tangible expression

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of their people’s ancestral knowledge. They are of profound importance to the local people. 

Some Art work found in the South Australia region is thought to be 35,000 yrs old. The sort of Rock engraving you would find depends on the type of rock being used. The skilled artists have used many different methods to create rock engravings. There are several different types of Rock art across Australia, the most famous of which is Murujuga in Western Australia

MurujugadownloadAboriginal petroglyph on the Burrup Peninsula

the Sydney rock engravings around Sydney in New South Wales

the Sydney rock engravings around Sydney in New South Wales, imagesHand prints in caves just out of Sydney near Woy Woy

and the Panaramitee rock art in Central Australia.

download PanaramiteeNear Alice Springs



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